MP-115-EV type

The MP-115EV type installation is equipped with two vibrating troughs, capable of feeding the material placed in the pre-container in gross-fine (coarse-dribble) grades. It is recommended for shallow installation sites and for medium capacity requirements.

Net bagging scale with vibrating feeder, MP-115-EV type

The product falling from the trough is gathered in a weighing container, where the weighing takes place. When the operator fixes the bag on the filling tube and gives a signal, the closing door on the bottom of the weighing container opens, and with this move, it fills the weighed portion into the bag/sack. The bagging scale can be complemented with a bag sealer for closing the filled bags. 

The scale can fill materials which do not have a good free-flow, such as the following:
                       - Food powder
                       - Flours
                       - Milk powder
                       - Cocoa
                       - Salt
                       - Condiments
                       - Rice
                       - Sand
                       - Soil
                       - Pellet
                       - Cereals
The bagging scale is made of stainless steel, and is easy to clean, so every type of food industrial product can be filled and bagged.  


Type MP-115EV
Capacity 300-400 bags/hour
Weighing capacity 0.5 kg - 10 kg
Precision ± 10 g/bag
Power supply 30 V/ 50Hz
Air supply 6 bar 2 NL/bag
Usable container capacity 20 liters



MP-115EV                                    grainy, not free-flowing
(14-15.000 EUR) ** 

The installation is delivered complete, without the bag sealer.

** The price of the installation varies depending on the site of the mounting and the task. Offer or contract prices are individually agreed upon having the information from above -on your request.