The electronic weighbridge is used for certified weighing of vehicles of larger mass and dimension. The scale is 18 m long, 3 m wide and has 60 tons weighing capacity, which means that the weighed vehicle can be of maximum 18m in length, and its weight cannot exceed 60 tons.
The TMS-M model is recommended for use in places where the mass on the axles of the vehicles does not exceed 10 t/axle, a value also regulated by legislation on the transport of goods on public roads. It is also important that the total weight of 60 tons is equally divided on the weighing platform.

 General technical data:

Type TMS-18/60M
Dimension  18m×3m
Ramp 2×5m
Weighing Capacity/ Precision


Operating Temperature: 
           - mechanics
           - electronics

-20C - +40C
-10C - +40C

           - load cell
           - indicator


Precision class Class III. 
OIML compliant

Truck scales can be mounted in two ways: in a shallow pit, or above ground level with ramps. This type of scale is recommended to be mounted without a pit for on-ramp and off-ramp, because of the following advantages:
- water drainage and pit cleaning are not issues
- weighing is not influenced by wrong positioning of the vehicle on the scale (truck stops partially on the scale in a vertical direction)
- cleaning can be done easily with a water stream under the platform
- for mounting the scale there is a need for a concrete foundation and ramps at both ends, for which the documentation and technical consultancy are provided


Structure of the scale

The structure of the truck scale is made of painted steel, formed by 6 modular elements mounted together of 1.5×6 m in dimension, placed on 8 load-cells. The load-cells are manufactured by HBM (Hottinger, Germany) - one of the largest suppliers on the market - which means that, even in the uncommon event of a fault, repairs are extremely rapid, reducing lost time to a minimum. The electronic equipment is a digital unit, capable of functioning with dual range, so it can be set to precision weights 30t/10 kg or 30-60t/ 20 kg. In case of cost limitations, the scale can also be supplied with less well-known, but lower-cost brands of load-cells.
Software, printed data
The indicator can be connected to a PC. The “MÉRTÉK SQL” software delivered for collecting and managing weighing data is ideal for monitoring and printing the volume data of products, invoices and bills of delivery.
The software also enables statistical data to be collected and logs to be completed.

Delivery conditions

- The delivery term of the scale is usually 4-6 weeks, the time necessary for the construction of the concrete foundation.
- The scale is one of the products in the lower-cost weighbridge category, as it is lighter thanks to the optimized quantity of steel. It is not recommended for places where platform overload cannot be rules out (e.g. mines, gravel-pits, concreting stations, short vehicles of big mass, etc.).
- For sites where a more massive and durable weighbridge is needed, we can offer weighbridges of an appropriate construction to meet customer requirements, typically for a surcharge of around 10%.
These weighbridges are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2009 standard, and they are licensed for marketing by the MKEH (Hungarian Trade Licensing Office). This authorization is valid in every European Union Member State.
The reliability of our products is assured by the 12 scales specialists at our company (mounting personnel) and other service firms who collaborate in bringing you the highest standards of service.



TMS-18/60-M (lighter, modular construction) (3x2 elements) (15-17.000) **
** The price of the installation varies depending on the site of the mounting and the task. Offer or contract prices are individually agreed upon having the information from above -on your request.