MP-MZ type mobile bagging installation

We recommend this scale for bagging of seeds and whole produce. It is useful because of its various functions: the product is gathered up, lifted, pre-stored, and filled in the bag, weighed, transported and finally sewed with a manually operated bag sewing machine. All with just one installation. The product does not have to be moved for the purpose of dozing and packaging, the scale can be driven to any place.

Main features:

- Bagging scale with gravity filler and gross weighing
- The gathering and lifting unit is executed with pulley-block, which has flexible rubber at the end not to break the seeds.
- Low hopper for product entering
- Conveyor belt for bag transportation with adjustable height
- Manually operated bag sewing machine with suspension unit
- Motor engine for moving the installation
Technical features:
Type MP-MZ-50
Weighing limit 5-20 kg 10-50 kg
Accuracy ±0.5 %/ bag
Output 110-140 db bag/hour
Product 0.5- 6 mm granule
Dimensions (L× W× H) 5200 × 2050 × 2640
Power supply 380V 50 Hz 4 kW
230 V 50 Hz 300 W




Gross bagging  Material Price [EUR]
 MP-MZ (mobile bagging scale)  granular, grainy  21-24.000