CPS type

Easy to operate electronic pallet scales with small net weight and great loadability. Its simple construction and versatile usage make it possible to weigh loads at storage. The overload of different storage shelves and vehicles can be prevented with a weight check of the goods.

- Manual forklift mounted with electronic scale
- Reduce time and effort by carrying and weighing simultaneously
- Easy-to-operate
- Uses oil pressure to lower the fork in stable position
- Loadability designed for manual operation

- Serial dot printer
- Certification available


Model CPS-1 CPS-2
Weighing capacity/precision 1000 x 0.5 kg 2000 x 1 kg
 Size Type  A* B C  A* B C
W (mm)   540 620 705  540 620 705
L (mm)   1080 1080 1200  1080 1080 1200
H (mm) 85 (+90) cm
Display  5 Digits LCD (Height=25mm)
Functions/buttons  On/Off, Zero, Tare, Kg
Power supply  Rechargable Battery, AC 220 V
Product weight  130 kg
Accessory  AC adapter

*Dimension of standard pallet


Type  Weighing capacity/ Division Platter size Price
CPS-2 2000 kg/1 kg 540x1080* 1.300 33
705x1200 1.400 33
*Dimension of standard pallet. With printer included +220,-EUR