Gross bagging scale with belt feeder
Recommended for weighing and bagging agricultural tuberous products (potato, onion, etc.), it functions in gross mode, weighing the material directly into the fixed bag.


- Modern installation mounted with two-grade belt feeder
- The MPA-I type indicator carries out the bag counting and summing of quantities in a daily summing counter that can be zeroed and another that cannot. 
- The scale capacity and accuracy are influenced by the mass per volume and dimension of the tubers.
- The tolerated error cannot be smaller than the weight of the biggest tubers in + value.
- The scale can be certified at the site of mounting.


Weighing capacity
5-30 kg
10-50 kg
+200 g/bag (weight of the biggest tuber)
100-130 bags/hour
100-120 bags/hour
Material to be filled
tuberous: Ø 10- Ø 80
Power supply
380 V, 50 Hz, 0,7 KW 
230 V, 50 Hz, 100 VA
PC connection
RS-232, vagy RS-485



MP-ZBSZG tuberous

  ** The price of the installation varies depending on the site of the mounting and the task. Offer or contract prices are individually agreed upon having the information from above -on your request.