Adjustable conveyor belt

Transports filled bags for packing onto pallets. Transports stitched or welded sealed bags horizontally at shoulder height. Adjustable transport height enables personalised settings.

Technical specification:
- length of transport belt: 3000 mm /5000 mm
- belt width: 450 mm
- belt speed: 15 m /min (can be changed as required)
- power supply: 380 V, 50Hz, 1 kW
- transport height: 1200 mm + 3x50 mm / 2400 mm + 5x50 mm

- The side of the transport belt is fitted with a bag support which can be height- and width-adjusted.
- The high voltage switch cupboard and button (start, stop) unit are mounted on the belt assembly.


Sidelong conveyor for palletizing     (2.800-4.000)** 
MP-SZ-V3 (lifting height 120 cm)  
3 m

MP-SZ-V5 (lifting height 240 cm)  (Available in different sizes.)

5 m
** The price of the installation varies depending on the site of the mounting and the task. Offer or contract prices are individually agreed upon having the information from above -on your request.