Yao-Han N-600/A

High speed, new type sack sewing machine with oiling system. It can be ideally used for closing sacks containing agricultural products, animal feed, chemical fertilizer, flour and other chemical materials. Fully comprehensive maintenance, supply of parts, renting and exchange machine. On request available with sprung suspension, "C" hook or coupled with a sacking scale. Sale of thread.

- Automatic cut of thread
- For the sewing of kraft paper, cotton, jute, PP/PE woven sacks
- For the closure of sacked agricultural products, animal feed, chemical fertilizer, flour, etc.
- Simple looping mechanism
- Robust design, secure finish
- Oil pump lubrication system for the lubrication of the moving parts
- Minimal maintenance, secure operation, long life

Technical data

6-7 sec/sack
Length of stitch
7.2 mm fixed
Type of needle
DN x 1-#25
5.3 kg
Drive motor
230 V, 50-60 Hz, 90 W
Recommended thread
20/4, 20/6 Vinylon 0.2 kg


YAO-HAN N-600A  
EUR 460