MPA-I type

Tried-and-tested electronic equipment for bagging, loss-in-weight, big-bag, hopper and conveyor belt scales. Complemented with (DIO-0808) input-output module, it is suitable for receiving inputs and outputs, as well as for issuing commands.

Based on the knowledge and decades of professional experience in manufacturing, mounting, commissioning and servicing of dosing scales and scale instruments, using the latest technologies in  weighing techniques, Metripond Plus Llc. has developed its technological indicator: MPA-I. In the design and execution of this equipment, the key issues taken into consideration were operational safety and flexibility in adjusting to different customer requirements.

- EU certifiable scale indicator.
- Easy-to-read - even from a distance or in contrasting light - 2x16 character LCD display with backlight, which can display text status messages, statistical information (portion number, weight summation and capacity) and text error messages at the same time as the weighed values are displayed. 
- User interface: functionally designed, easy to manage, sturdy membrane keyboard and push button control unit.
- The reliable functioning of the indicator, even in heavy industrial environments, is supported by the peripheral inputs and outputs galvanically separated from the evaluation unit, with continuous self-test functions based on the mounted hardware and software.
- Due to its modular construction it can be upgraded with intelligent peripheral modules (digital and analogue input and output modules, interface cards, printer control, etc.)
- For the most frequent dosing and bagging tasks, we have developed typical solutions (gross and net bagging scale, flowing material weighing, container filling, summation weighing), but as the hardware and software unit is modular, the indicator can be adapted to perform special, unique tasks as well.
- The after-fall correction and self-learning functions assure precise dosing even in case of variable material quality.
- Data are stored in the memory, so there is no information loss in the event of a power-cut. 
- RS-232 connection. As an option, it can be ordered with a TTY 20 mA connection, RS-232 or connected with an auxiliary display in the same design as the indicator.
- To perform complex tasks, many MPA-I indicators can be connected together, also can be connected to a PC or PLC.
- Can be connected to auxiliary display with large numbers.


Precision category
Number of certification division values -
with variable division values
n <=6000
ni <=3000 i = 1,2
Division value
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
Unit of measurement
g, kg, t, lb
Load cell power supply
10V DC
Min. cell signal/division value
Max. input signal
2mV/V, max. 22mV
Nominal weighing domain
20µV … 20mV
Load cell impedance
40 Ohm … 1100 Ohm
Load cell connections
4 or 6 cable
Serial data transfer
Printer connection
Secondary display alignment
RS232 , MODBUS ASCII protocol
Display backlight
Character height
2x16 character LCD, LED
9 mm
Power supply
230V 50 Hz / 20 W
Operating temperature range
-10 C ~ +40 C
IP code
IP 50
TC certificate number



MPA-I Certified technological multifunctional indicator - LCD
EUR 590