DIO-0808 Input/Output module

The DI0-0808 module is the individually housed, powered input/output unit of the MPA I measuring device that enables the connection of the measuring device to the controlled technological equipment.

This device in its present design has 8 pieces of digital input separated by opto-couplers and also 8 pieces of output connected to a 24V AC / DC separated by opto-couplers. The status of both the outputs and the inputs are signalled by control LEDs.

Digital inputs
They are there to receive the digital control signals and interlocks from the controlled equipment. Each input contains three spring operated string buckles:

Mark of  string buckle
+24V DC /max.20mA
x=1..8 x. input

The inputs are able to supply power to, and receive the signals from, the PNP sensors. In the case of a simple switch contact +24V DC power has to be fed back to the input.

Digital outputs
They are able to operate the equipment (a relay, magnetic switches, valves, etc.) operating the interloper devices.
Each output is made up of a pair of spring string buckles; they can be taken as the output of a relay contact with 1,5V residual power. The switched signal (max. 24V AC or DC) can be attached to them independent of polarity.

Technical data

Digital inputs
8 pcs. opto-coupled, for PNP sensors
Power supply for the input sensors
24V DC/ max. 20mA (per input)
Digital outputs
8 pcs. opto-coupled polarity-independent contacts
Power switchable by the outputs
max. 24V polarity-independent (AC or DC)
Load ability of the outputs
max. 100mA (per output)
Output residual power
max. 1.5V
System bus
230V / 60 W
Temperature range of operation
-10..+40 C
IP 40
Primary fuses
2pcs T500 mA
Secondary fuses
1 db T800 mA (F1)
1 db T500 mA (F2)
1 db T1.6 A (F3)


DIO-0808 Module input-output
EUR 410