Hopper scale

The electronic hopper scale is capable of measuring a wide variety of materials. In order to support existing containers or those manufactured by our company measuring cells are built in which are to carry out measurement.

Anchoring and anti-dumping structure is also part of the clamping structure. The construction is implemented by using 3 measuring cells in the best cases but the number of cells is certainly determined by the number of supports or scaffolds.

The measuring instrument is connected to the point where measuring cells of hopper scales are built in. Apart from common gross or nett measuring, the measuring instrument can also be advanced by way of additional services according to requirements, for example to control commensurations, to continuously monitor and handle technology.

Containers are always manufactured taking into consideration the measuring task and based upon a unique plan, as required by the Customer, thus technical data and parameters also differ.

In response to our partners' enquiries a questionnaire is sent out in order to learn more about the installation requirements and collect the necessary data which is followed-up by a site visit to the place of proposed installation.

Technical data

Weighing limit:
100-30.000 kg ( depending on container size )
Weighing accuracy :
Container closure:
according to requirements (butterfly, bottom door)



Hopper scales  
Planned to the certain site. Depending on the existent hopper.