Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt scale can be built into horizontal conveyor belts of various widths or band conveyor belts of various elevations. The equipment is used for measuring transferred weight of bulky materials.

Measuring mechanics, being one of its two major units, are built into the conveyor belt, together with the measuring cell and the speed indicator. The measuring instrument capable for displaying and processing measuring results can also be installed alongside the scale or in an office. It is the measuring instrument that interfaces with external peripheries (e.g.: PC).

The scale carries out measurement based on conveyor speed and unit loading, it displays the output (e.g. 20 tonnes/hour) and the quantity transferred (e.g. 25,600 kg).

According to measurement tasks we can discuss summarizing and feeding type of scales:

Summarizing conveyor belt scale
The conveyor belt scale summarizes the weights of product quantities transferred by way of the conveyor belt.

Feeding conveyor belt scale
The conveyor belt scale is capable of conveying products with a pre-set volume per hour (e.g. 20 tons/hour).
The scale can change and regulate (for example through frequency changeover) the output of the feeding unit (for example vibrator) or can change the speed of the conveyor belt in order to ensure its desired output.

Equipment is manufactured in a custom finish so special customer requirements can be met or special sizes etc. can be considered.

Major technical data

1 t 500 tonnes/hour (depending on conveyor belt output)
± 0,5-2 % (depending on product and installation)
Operation temperature:
-20 °C - +40 °C
Power supply :
230 V, 50 Hz, 150 VA
RS-232 or TTY-20 mA


.    Price
10-100 t/h
10-100 t/h


10-100 t/h  

** The price of the installation varies depending on the site of the mounting and the task. Offer or contract prices are individually agreed upon having the information from above -on your request.