MP-ZBG type

It is recommended for the bagging of grainy (0.5-6 mm), non-clinging materials. It is capable of the implementation of gross measurement as it weighs bulky materials directly into bags. Bagging scale equipped with a two-nozzle gravity feeder, measuring cell and digital self-learning instrument.
This type is recommended for shallow installation sites and in the case of lower capacity requirements.

The gross bagging scale is capable of gravity feeding and weighing into bags of identical quantity of bulk grain produce.
Measuring instrument, of the bagging scale type MPA-I, carries out counting of bags and summarizes quantities in two ways: one may be zeroed (daily form), the other may not.
The bagging scale can be manufactured with weighting limits between 5-20 kg or 10-50 kg. The scales operation is based upon the same principle and they are structured similarly, however they differ from each other regarding flow cross sections and the size of their charging hoses which hold the bags.
Scale output is influenced by the characteristics of the produce to be fed (mass per volume, grain size etc.) and by bag weight to be filled.


Weighing limit
5-20 kg
10-50 kg
± 0,2-0,4 %/bag
120-160 db bag/hour
( produce and operator dependent )
Produce to be fed
Non-clinging, grainy material
(0,5-6 mm) anyag
Installation height (cca.)
2000 mm
2200 mm
Power supply
230V, 50Hz, 150 VA
Air supply
6-10 bar 10 Nl/portion
Depends on produce and dusting (aspiration connection on the scale
PC output
RS-232 or TTY-20 mA or RS-485


Bagging scale type MP-ZBG is a so-called standard scale, indeed it is manufactured in a customised finish so that special installation requirements for the scale may also be met. The access board and the pre-storage unit are not part of the scale system however Metripond Plus Plc. also undertakes the manufacture of these units, under a specific agreement with the client.
In order to achieve sufficient output and accuracy the Customer needs to continuously ensure adequate material quantity in the pre-storage.

We also undertake the manufacturing of accessories necessary for bagging scales (bag conveyor belts, sewing machines and other modes of conveyance.)


-  In the picture scale type MP-ZBG-50 can be seen, with access board, pre-storage unit, conveyor belt, sewing machine and suspension unit.
- The scale can also be manufactured in auger-auger, auger-cell or cell-cell finish, equipped with coarse/fine feeder, depending on the characteristics of the feeding material.
- Looking forward to your enquiry comprising of the output requirement, bag weight, accuracy, weighing limit, bag size, as well as characteristics of the material to be filled, such as grain size, mass per volume or other characteristics.


MP-ZBG gross bagging (grain)
EUR 6.300-6.800**

 ** The price of the installation varies depending on the site of the mounting and the task. Offer or contract prices are individually agreed upon having the information from above -on your request.