Indicators and printers

Certified indicators

BI-II type

We recommend this measuring device where platform- or warehouse scales are used in a dusty and humid environment. It is a useful tool able to complete weighing tasks remote from the electric network because of ...

MPA-I type

Tried-and-tested electronic equipment for bagging, loss-in-weight, big-bag, hopper and conveyor belt scales. Complemented with (DIO-0808) input-output module, it is suitable for receiving inputs and outputs, as...

CD-3000 series

The auxiliary display series is used to show the weighed value of the scale in the external environment. It is recommended in cases where the reading of the display occurs from a larger distance. It is manufact...

Technological indicators

DIO-0808 Input/Output module

The DI0-0808 module is the individually housed, powered input/output unit of the MPA I measuring device that enables the connection of the measuring device to the controlled technological equipment.


DLP-50 label printer

Recommended for depository preparation and packaging. The measured data is printed on a sticker with the heatprinting technique.

DEP-50 receipt printer

Under construction