Truck scales

Truck scales without pit

Our truck scales are capable for weighing large-size and heavy vehicles. Major characteristics of these scales are detailed below.

PM type mobile axle scale for vehicles

The weighing unit is used for determining the weight of trucks and other vehicles through axle weighing at the wheels. According to related standards, the scale is not suitable for certified weighing of the fre...

Conveyor belt, hopper scale, loss-in-weight


The equipment has the capacity to measure the flow of identical quantities of various bulk materials, produce and products. A digital scale, having pneumatic operating elements, for materials with a mass per vo...

Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt scale can be built into horizontal conveyor belts of various widths or band conveyor belts of various elevations. The equipment is used for measuring transferred weight of bulky materials.

Hopper scale

The electronic hopper scale is capable of measuring a wide variety of materials. In order to support existing containers or those manufactured by our company measuring cells are built in which are to carry out ...

Sewing machines, thread, conveyor belts

Bag conveyors

Transports filled bags from bagging scale to sewing machine.

Adjustable conveyor belt

Transports filled bags for packing onto pallets. Transports stitched or welded sealed bags horizontally at shoulder height. Adjustable transport height enables personalised settings.


20/4 and 20/6 high quality thread. 0,2 kg, 1 kg or 3 kg, packed separated.

Bag shaker

Bag shaker

The MP-ZSR-50 type free-standing bag-shaker is suitable for compacting bagged powders or granulates, by shaking filled bags which are attached to the bag-grabber.



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