Scales, weighing, bagging, bag sewing machine, truck scales, weight rental, weighing expert - Metripond Plus Kft.

Metripond Plus Kft. can help You in solving all kinds of weighing problems or bag closing by delivering various types of scales and assuring related services. We dispone of wide expertise in production, trade and in services.

Specialized in production, instalation, calibration of the following: scales, truck scales, bagging systems, bag sewing machines, hopper scales, flow scales, conveyor belts, bag closing thread.

We are at service in unique weighing solutions and modernization of existing scales.

Bagging scale: as supplementary profile we produce and deliver bag conveyors, adjustable belts, bag sewing machine and bag closing thread. We install the equipments at the location, we assure service and at the same time provide components.


  1. service: Maintenance and reparation of our and previously produced and delivered scales are ensured, continuous components supply for bag sewing machines of Yao-Han and Newlong types, as well as reconditioning and reparation of them. We also assume to prepare scales for metrological revision, and calibration of functioning scales.
  2. modernization: We undertake the electronification and modernization of mechanical scales, if the mechanics are in a good condition and the scale measures with precision. Also assuming electronification of scales in line with EU standards with the so-called hibridization, or directly with weighing cells built-in under the structure.
  3. rental weights: Our company disposes of 40 pieces of weights of 500 kg with M1 precision, metrologically verified. They are in line with international standards (OIML recommendation 47/1976) and the law of 1991. XLV regarding the metrology of the weights certified and 127/1991 (X.9) statute regarding the application of it. Our wieghts are annually verified.
  4. cerfification, calibration: We dispone of TAC certificate for execution and installation of the scales, as well as CE certificate for evaluation of conformity and issuing CE certificates as declarations of conformity based on the edict Nr. 617/2003 890/384/CEE. We assume calibration of scales based on the Accreditation Certificate NAT-2-0166/2008 released of NAT Budapest (National Accretitation Institution).
  5. service partners: We guarantee service for products by our partners, depending on location.